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Hi there! We are Lustrumfiesta & Travelfiesta travel agency. We’ve been living in Latin-America for 6 years and Guatemala is our 2nd home! We just love this wonderful country and we are exicited for you guys coming to this hidden gem. We’ve been working in tourism in the past 6 years and we specialise in custom made experiences for groups. We work together with the best partners in Guatemala to give you the best experience. I’ll share a short list of activities, services and transport we can offer here around Antigua and other parts of Guatemala. Is something not on the list that you’ve seen somewhere? Do ask and we’ll organise it for you!

We have the pleasure to work with Kuxtal residences and we are happy to further enhance the already beautiful experience that they provide, by offering you the best tours and travel expert knowledge in Guatemala.

Please read carefully and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Have fun in Guatemala, it’s a mindblowing country!

Experience of other travellers

georges - USA
group of 16 (september 2021)

Thank you so much. You guys were amazing and really helped me execute my vision. You guys are an extremely classy organization and I can’t wait to tell everyone about how much you guys helped me! Thank you!

ADrienn - usa
group of 12 (august 2021)

This trip was amazing! We love to travel so we will definitely use your services again. Thank you so much for the hospitality! I am sending your information to a friend for a Costa Rica trip!

Harriet - usa
group of 16 (may 2021)

Thank you for for absolutely everything though. You are a saint! Thank you for everything!

DJ - usa
group of 18 (April 2022)

Hiiii!!! I wanted Gm say thank you again for everything!!! Our group had an amazing time! Rudy is absolutely amazing!!!!!! I’m not sure if there is a promotion or raise he can get… but he absolutely deserves it!! Will you please tell me your IG handles?? I’m doing some reels and I’d love to tag you!

GROUP OF 16 (May 2022)

Thank you both. We truly appreciate the update and help (Katia. also apologies for calling so early some mornings). Again, on behalf of our entire group, thank you thank you. If there is any place i can write a review/feedback on the amazing help you guys have provided especially with our constant changes, I am more than happy to.

About Antigua

Antigua is a beautiful, cute little colonial town, surround by volcanos. There are many nice options for great food, tasty drinks and other ways to entertain oneself. But you find nice food and drinks almost everywhere in the world and there is soooo much more to see in and around Antigua. Let’s start with volcano and lava. Yes, REAL lava! There is an abundance. Further, what about chocolate, coffee and artisan craftwork?! From cheap markets to designer shops. There is so much culture in this special country where over 20 Mayan languages are spoken. The colonial town of Antigua is full of old ruins, beautiful churches and lot’s of cute courtyards to enjoy a local coffee or beer. Then, adrenaline, from great hiking adventures to beautiful mountainbike rides, from thrilling quad bike rides to parapenting or helicopter rides. Did I already mention you can see real lava?! As you can see, you won’t get bored over here. The biggest risk is that you don’t wanna leave this wonderful place. Enjoy!

tours to do around Antigua

There are many things to do in Antigua, all for a different kind of budget. Then there are shared tours and private tours, which also influence the prices. Over the past years we have selected the best operators, guides and locations for our clients. So don’t worry, you are in good hands.

Group size:

The cost of a tour varies. It really depends on how many people join. The best / easiest is to everything together with the main group, which will result in the best price. But of course breaking up in smaller groups is also possible! The bigger the group, the more affordable it is to make the tour privately. We recommend to go with minimum 3/4 persons, but of course 1 or 2 is possible as well.


Shared versus private tours:

There are many shared tours in Guatemala with really different kinds of quality. Some are excellent, but many are not so good. We only offer shared tours with good quality. But we prefer to offer private quality tours where the guide and driver can have 100% focus on our clients and where the tour can be customised at any moment based on the desires of the client.

Duration / starting time:

We’ll indicate the starting time / duration of the tours.


We’ve categorised the tours into different budget ranges to get a global idea. However, prices can fluctuate due to the group size, shared or private and if additional transport or services are required.

Budget 15-35 USD p.p.

  • City tour of Antigua – optional with picknick (Start: flexible | Duration: 2 hours)
  • Salsa classes: Get private or group salsa classes in Antigua or in the house  (Start: flexible | Duration: 1 hour)
  • Visit Earth lodge and/or Hobbitenango.  (Start: flexible | Duration: 2-4 hours)
  • Yoga: Get a yoga class, either in in your house or for example in the Earth lodge with beautiful views  (Start: flexible | Duration: 1 hour)
  • Coffee farm visit: Visit one of the beautiful coffee farms around Antigua  (Start: flexible | Duration: 2 hours)
  • Local / chicken bus experience: Go with a guide in the local transport or we can als rent a private chicken bus for you to have the experience privately  (Start: flexible | Duration: 1-2 hours)
  • Private transport: We’ll drive you guys around Guatemala safely with licensed drivers. From cars to bigger vans.
  • Airport pickup: We can pick you guys up from the airport. You want something upon arrival? Cold beers? Champagne? Local SIM cards with internet? A host? Anything you ask for!

Budget 40-70 USD

  • Spa visit – Santo Domingo: Visit a nice spa in the most beautiful hotel of Antigua or San Teresita Spa in Guatemala city (Start: flexible | Duration: half/full day)
  • Massages: Get a massage in a spa or in the villa  (Start: flexible | Duration: 1 hour)
  • Cooking class: Get private or group cooking classes in Antigua or in the house. Either local cuisine or from the fine dine living room chef  (Start: flexible | Duration: 2-3 hours)
  • Pacaya hike: Sunrise or sunset hike where you can see lava. Like 1 hour up and 45 min down  (Start: sunrise/sunset | Duration: 4-5 hours)
  • Living room fine dining: Private dinner in a chef’s house, who also happens to be a great architect and interior designer.
  • Private dinner in Kuxtal: Get a private chef in your villa to cook for you
  • Transport + lunch Guatemala’s best craft beer brewery and enjoy their beer and (live) music with majestic volcano views.
  • Private transport: We’ll drive you guys around Guatemala safely with licensed drivers. From cars to bigger vans.
  • Airport pickup: We can pick you guys up from the airport. You want something upon arrival? Cold beers? Champagne? Local SIM cards with internet? A host? Anything you ask for!

Budget 70-100 USD

  • Acatenango hike: Overnight hike where you camp on a dorment vulcano and you see an active one. Can be done during the day as well, or starting in the night, to watch the sunrise. When it’s dark you see the lava!  (Start: flexible | Duration: flexible)
  • Quad bike tour: Various quad bike tours around Antigua where you can visit viewpoints, coffee farms and local towns.  (Start: flexible | Duration: 3-5 hours)
  • Mountainbike tour; do one of the cool MTB trails around Antigua.  (Start: flexible | Duration: 3-6 hours)
  • Visit Iximche: About 1-1.5 hour drive from Antigua, visit the ancient temples of Iximche with a guide  (Start: flexible | Duration: 4-5 hours)

Budget 100-500 USD

  • Helicopter Volcanos: Helicopter tour over the volcanos  (Start: flexible | Duration: 1 hours)
  • Helicopter Atitlan: Helicopter tour to Atitlan and back  (Start: flexible | Duration: 3-5 hours)
  • Flight Flores & Visit Tikal: Fly to the northern Jungle of Guatemala in 40 minutes and visit the ancient temples of Tikal ( (Start: flexible | Duration: whole day)
  • Fish trip Pacific ocean: Go deepsee fishing and catch a sailfish, blue marlin or mahi mahi ( (Start: 07:00 | Duration: full/half day)

REservation & payment

With regard to reservations & payment, the sooner you can make them, the better. Guatemala is still an undiscovered, pure and undeveloped country. In order to book the best guides, tours or other things with limited capacity, it’s better to reserve in time, so you don’t have the risk of things not being available during your trip to Guatemala.

Also, with regard to the payment, it might take a few days before the money gets to Guatemala. So please make sure you pay in time, because we cannot make any reservations without payment. 

Further, the bank fees and transaction fees are excluded and will be added to the total. Depending on how and when you pay, these can add up quite a bit. But if you pay in time, it should not be too high.


special deal | bespaar een hoop

bevestig vroeg & ontvang meerdere gratis activiteiten !

Na een beheurlijk saaie & matige 1.5 jaar van Corona, is Lustrumfiesta weer helemaal up & running, back in business en hongerig om fantastische lustrumreizen te organiseren! Om de herwonnen vrijheid te vieren, hebben wij speciaal voor o.a. de leden van XX een fantastische deal samengesteld. Deze heerlijke korting geeft jullie nog meer budget om te spenderen aan cervezas, cocktails of andere lekkernijen. Nou, lekker hoor, maar wat houdt deze deal precies in? Jullie kunnen van ons tijdens jullie reis de volgende graties zaken krijgen:

  • Tour XX in XX t.w.v. XX euro p.p.
  • Diner XX in XX t.w.v. XX euro p.p.
  • Tour XX in XX t.w.v. XX euro p.p.
Als jullie 1 maand na het ontvangen van de eerste reisvoorstellen toezeggen met Lustrumfiesta op reis te gaan, krijgen jullie alle XX3 bovenstaande zaken graties en voor niks!

: toezegging met ons op reis te gaan is voldoende. Jullie hebben uiteraard nog de mogelijkheid om het voorstel te perfectioneren!
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